Thoughts on Cards by Larry Jennings video DOWNLOAD
    • Thoughts on Cards by Larry Jennings video DOWNLOAD

    Thoughts on Cards by Larry Jennings video DOWNLOAD

    In this critically-acclaimed video, you'll learn innovative and mind-boggling magic tricks that have taken thirty years to perfect. These effects will leave both magicians and laymen baffled with their ingenuity and deception. The video showcases Larry's expertise as he performs in front of a live audience at The Magic Castle's Close-Up Gallery. You'll witness his seamless sleight-of-hand and elegant mechanics as he astounds the crowd. The video also includes detailed instructions on various tricks, such as Cannibal Kings, Sucker Punch, Oil & Water, and Card Up Spectator's Sleeve. Larry also shares valuable tips on advanced techniques like the Top-Card Cover Pass and The Gambler's Cop.
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    With this critically-acclaimed video, you'll learn methods which took thirty years of practice to develop. Effects which rise to new levels of ingenuity and deception. Effects which for years have baffled magicians and laymen alike. Simple, yet highly-original plots; seemingly imposible card probelms solved with elegant mechanics, seamless sleight-of-hand, and synthesized with naturalness and humor. Best of all, you'll be in the audience as Larry devastates a crowd in the Close-Up Gallery of The Magic Castle. It's your chance to witness card work of legendary expertise, performed live and under fire. Here then, is a performance for all time-and the diabolical methods which made it all possible. Contains:

    • Cannibal Kings The classic plot, with multiple vanish endings.
    • Sucker Punch A red herring throws them off until the last possible moment.
    • Oil & Water This time, the spectator helps mix the cards. Baffling.
    • Card Up Spectator's Sleeve Unbelievable bar or walk-around effect. Quick, invisible, direct.
    • Tips on the Top-Card Cover Pass Distilled from decades of experience.
    • Tips on The Gambler's Cop One of Larry's most deceptive moves.
    • Aces for Experts A new, seamless handling of Vernon's Slow-Motion Aces.
    • Outstanding Triumph A brilliant improvement that will change this effect forever.
    • Nothing Yet Aces Four randomly touched cards change to Aces. Very magical.
    • Twisting the Aces with a Twist More logical than ever, with a beautiful clean-up.
    • Flawed Transposition A one-at-a-time transposition, with an unforgettable ending.
    • LarRoy Reverse A collaboration with Roy Walton.
    • Estimated Toss A great control. A killer finish.
    • Deck to Pocket A clean and diabolical card to pocket.Guess the finale.
    • Single Cup & Ball Start with nothing. End with nothing. In-between, a classic.
    • A Live Performance at The Magic Castle Arguably the best lesson on the tape. Includes: Four Card Retention,Quadruple Coincidence, Open Travellers, and Ladies' Looking Glass.