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DVD - UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training - Ellusionist

One of a kind teaching by the creators of the

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One of a kind teaching by the creators of the UltraGaff

Garcia and Houchin. As magicians who make a strong living from doing magic, they need to be ahead of everything out there. They give themselves a chance to do things that are not just amazing, but completely impossible.

So they designed the UltraGaff Deck. These were the impossible-to-get playing cards they wanted for their own performances. Simple cards that are used to deny reality.

If you have the chance to have USPC/Ellusionist make you anything you want - you take it. You put all the ingenuity you can into the design of the cards. You take the process that made "Stigmata" and "Fraud" what they are today, and apply it to playing cards.

UltraGaff is a deck of specialized playing cards, 'gaffed' cards, that are meant to fit in quietly with a normal deck of Bicycle playing cards. On this page you can purchase the DVD training that allows you to perform the exact tricks that Danny and Wayne created for each of the cards in the UltraGaff Deck.

There are 3 volumes, all over an hour long. (Vol-3 is one hour and forty minutes). Each volume stands alone, or can be purchased in a complete set of 3. The volumes progress in difficulty, but you can find easy material in each volume as well. Many sleights are taught in the videos and there is an abundance of rare teaching from these two masters; subtleties, tricks of the trade, ways to get in and out of a routine with gaffs --- Etc.

• Teaching by two superstars of magic - Wayne Houchin & Daniel Garcia

• Slow, clear break-downs of each UltraGaff card, tips, and tricks

• 25 tricks taught on a 3 Volume series ranging from beginner to advanced

• On-the-edge gaffed card creative techniques no one has yet released

• Bonus outtakes of behind the scenes footage

"Two of the greatest minds the magic community has to offer!" - Murray da Magic, Kenner, Louisiana

"This is for the true beginners to the experts, everybody will learn something new " - Pike

"I've been crazy about the card with the four kings stabbing each other since the first teaser. Can't wait!." - MoJo13

Think of it. The opportunity to create anything on a playing card.

From that thought, UltraGaff was born. Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia creating and teaching their concepts together is a first for Ellusionist. The opportunity to have two creative minds in the magic industry putting the best foot forward on a single killer project. Their teaching is superb, the concepts are flawless and the entire arsenal of cards is the final word in gaffed playing cards. Armed with tools to deny reality, what else would a card worker need?

45 different cards all wrapped up into one ultra-deck (some of the best cards were duplicated, because they will wear out with so much use).

The DVDs are hilarious, and inspiring. They teach rare work with cards by two of the best minds in the business.

Enjoy the UltraGaff Deck, we certainly are

Each disc contains over 60 minutes of material. Wayne and Daniel teach the tricks and sleights step-by-step in an easy to learn and understand method. Disc 3 contain almost 2 Full Hours, that's enough material to keep you busy for weeks.

Disc 1

2nd Chance
Green Card
Ringing in your Gaffs

Disc 2

What Lies Beneath

Disc 3

1st Phase
Dead Cell
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By on  31 July 2009 (DVD - UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training - Ellusionist) :


los videos explican bien los trucos (no se mucho ingles)

By on  29 Aug. 2008 (DVD - UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training - Ellusionist) :


Imprescindibles si quieres sacar el máximo partido a tu baraja ultragaff. Es cierto que con imaginación puedes hacer tus rutinas solo, pero con estos dvd\'s aprovecharás más tu baraja ya que aprenderás a hacer la rutina exclusiva para la que han sido diseñados todos y cada uno de los naipes.

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