Halloween Exchange - Luis Zavaleta y Nox
    • Halloween Exchange - Luis Zavaleta y Nox
    • Halloween Exchange - Luis Zavaleta y Nox
    • Halloween Exchange - Luis Zavaleta y Nox

    Halloween Exchange (Close Up) - Luis Zavaleta and Nox

    Get ready for Halloween with this magic trick ideal for children and adults. It will be the star trick of your close up shows. The trick starts with two characters, a skeleton and Dracula. The spectator chooses one, and in the blink of an eye, the magician transforms the character into your hand.

    The best part is that the magic happens in the spectator's hands and you can perform it instantly. It is easy to do and reset, and is made with quality materials. The characters are detailed designed and can be inspected at the end of the trick. You'll receive everything you need and instructions online - perfect for Halloween!

    Perfect for Halloween!

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    Halloween Exchange - Luis Zavaleta y Nox

    From the mind of this two Peruvian magicians comes this magic routine that will become one of your favorites for this Halloween!

    The kids and also the adults will enjoy this magic routine. Add a nice piece of thematized magic to your Halloween CLOSE UP shows.


    The magician shows two characters (skeleton and dracula) Then the spectator choose one of them.

    Immediately, the magician shows the character and puts the character inside the spectator's hand.

    After that, the magician takes the other character, shows it and make it transform in a blink of an eye.

    Then, when the spectator opens his (or her) hands, realizes that the character changed.

    About the trick:

    • The magic happens in the spectator's hands
    • You can perform it immediately
    • This is the perfect trick for your Halloween shows!
    • This trick is so easy to do
    • Easy to reset (less than 10 seconds)
    • Well-made with good quality materials
    • The drawings and designs has proven quality and were made with great care in the details
    • They can inspect one by one at the end of the trick!

    You'll receive a box with this inside:

    • The characters (skeleton & dracula) inserted in a block of sponge.
    • Online instructions.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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