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DVD - Write Angle by Black\'s Magic and Jesse Feinberg
  • DVD - Write Angle by Black\'s Magic and Jesse Feinberg

DVD - Write Angle by Black's Magic and Jesse Feinberg

Write Angle - is another fantastic creation from
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Write Angle - is another fantastic creation from the mental mind of Jesse Feinberg. Imagine taking an ordinary, simple, common Bic pen and making it bend with the power of your mind right in front of astonished onlookers.

Yes, it is possible. No strings attached.

Here's how it works. You pull a pen out of your pocket, hold it gently in your hands, and focus your mental energies on it. Just like some crazy dude with psychokinetic powers that defy the laws of nature, it visually, slowly, and perfectly bends to a right angle.

You then hand it right out to the people gathered around you to examine. They begin to kneel down, bow to you, and chant your name. An attractive young female names you Lord of Nature and High Priest of your own new religion. Everyone wants a piece of you. Pretty soon, all of the most famous clubs open their doors for you with a wave of your hand. Of course, you never stand in line again anywhere. People just move out of the way when they see you coming. A major airline names their new colossal jetliner after you. A small town in South America changes its name to your name. Monuments are erected all over the world, exchanging out statues of Buddha and the Virgin Mary for your likeness.

And all because you performed Write Angle by Jesse Feinberg. Dang, it's good to be you.

This is what real magic is supposed to look like! This is Write Angle.

Running Time Approximately 50min.

You can also buy "Write Angle" trick by Jesse Feinberg separately.


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