Magazines Vanish Magazine 40 eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Magazines Vanish Magazine 40 eBook DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    Vanish Magazine 40 eBook DOWNLOAD

    Canadian magician and magic champion James Cielen is the featured artist in this issue. The magazine also includes articles by Doug Bennett, Harry Lorayne, Nick Lewin, Sasha Crespi, Jonathan Friedman, Harrison Carroll, Colin Underwood, Wayne Fox, Diamond Jim Tyler, Louie Foxx, Bob Adbou, Paul Romhany, and Mark James.

    Topics covered range from behind the scenes insights on famous magicians like Henning and Copperfield, to scripting techniques, bar bets, video series, and more. With a diverse range of content, this issue offers something for every magic enthusiast. Download now to read all the fascinating articles and enhance your magic skills!

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    Vanish Magazine #40 eBook DOWNLOAD

    Feature artist is Canadian magician and magic champion James Cielen

    BEHIND THE SCENES - Doug Bennett on Henning and Copperfield

    HARRY'S CORNER - Harry Lorayne

    A MAGICAL TRIBUTE - Nick Lewin

    SCRIPTING - Sasha Crespi

    TRANS-POST - IT - Jonathan Friedman

    STORIES FROM THE ROAD - Harrison Carroll

    CAN IN SHOE - Colin Underwood

    COIN GRIFTER 2.0 - video series by Wayne Fox

    BAMBOOZLERS - Bar bets by Diamond Jim Tyler


    SHOW ME THE MONEY - Bob Adbou

    THE KEY-NOTE SPEAKER - Paul Romhany

    SHTICK - Mark James

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    Idioma: Inglés


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