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Rotation of floating Human
  • Rotation of floating Human

Rotation of floating Human

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The magician makes a girl lie on the table by using hypnotism. Then he takes off the silk that covers the table, and one of the legs that sustain it; magically, the girl floats in the air, although the table she’s lying on is sustained by one leg only.

When the magician takes off the other leg, too, the girl starts hovering in the air; it is a complete suspension. The girl seems to be lying on a “flying carpet”. And it’s not over yet…with a simple gesture, the magician leads the table towards a rotation around him; afterwards, the girl goes back to her initial position.

• The rotation is simple and mechanic (no engines or complicate instruments).

• It is possible to make the table pass through a big ring, proving that there’s no apparent sustain.

By on  19 Oct. 2016 (Rotation of floating Human) :


Varios años realizando este efecto y es espectacular. Precio calidad en su justo precio. facil montaje y cabe en maletero del coche-Recomendado.

By on  19 March 2013 (Rotation of floating Human) :


Hola he visto este juego , me interesaria saber si este juego se puede montar como numero final delante de los espectadores o tiene que estar montado ya anteriormente. Gracias

By on  05 July 2008 (Rotation of floating Human) :


A que distancia deberia estar el público para que el efecto funcionara?.Gracias. [email protected]

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