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Carrots by Anwar edition Fontaines
  • Carrots by Anwar edition Fontaines

Carrots by Anwar edition Fontaines

7th Fontaine deck by Zach Mueller
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7th Fontaine deck by Zach Mueller

Carrots by Anwar Carrots edition Fontaines - is the 7th Fontaine deck by Zach Mueller, produced in collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots streetwear brand. Surprisingly, US-based cardist went for playing cards in-store release at Round Two Hollywood in Los Angeles first, rather than dropping them online. We, December Boys, were in the area and filmed a short video on that day. Remarkably, despite limiting decks to 2 per person, people lined up for a couple of hours in front of the shop until all cards were sold out. Online release has beaten all previous records as well - a limited run of 10,000 'carrot' decks was sold out in 79 minutes.

Joining cardistry and streetwear in a single project has been a longtime dream of Zach.
Lining up for limited edition of Supreme clothes in 2011 himself, cardist from LA could only imagine one day dozens of kids would line up for playing cards in the same fashion. Zach Mueller was a Carrots fan since 2013. In September 2016 he met Anwar Carrots in person and offered to create a deck of cards. What happened next is history. 'To hold this deck, with my logo and the carrots logo, is very surreal', Zach reveals. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company using Bicycle stock and Linen Finish. Carrots Fontaines feature orange and dark blue face colourway, unique Jokers and Ace of Spades.
There's also a blank face card inside.



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