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Penetrating Silk
  • Penetrating Silk

Penetrating Silk

With this magical

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With this magical silk you will be able to perform various illusions.

Here are a few examples:

The Visible Penetration Of The Silk Through A Microphone Stand
The magician shows a silk and then holds it outstretched between his hands in front of a microphone stand. In the blink of the eye, he pulls the silk backwards with his hands, and it visibly penetrates the stand!

The Ring Penetration Through The Silk
The magician shows a solid ring and threads a silk through it. In the blink of the eye the ring penetrates right through the silk!

The two above tricks are explained in the instructions but many more can be easily created with this wonderful and magical silk (the silk could penetrate the arm of your assistant, a solid wand firmly gripped by a spectator…)




• The silk measures approximately cm 43 x 43 (16,9”x16,9”).

• We supply you the silk and necessary gimmick. No ring is supplied.

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