Money Magic BILL REMIX by Luis Zavaleta video Download MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Money Magic BILL REMIX by Luis Zavaleta video Download MMSMEDIA - 1

    BILL REMIX by Luis Zavaleta video Download

    In the world of magic, inspiration can come from many sources. The creator of the "BILL REMIX" trick drew from a variety of tricks and magicians to develop something unique. While striving for originality, it's acknowledged that no idea is completely new. By studying different materials and techniques, magicians can create their own spin on classic tricks.

    Through experimentation and collaboration with other magicians, the creator refined their trick and incorporated elements from master magician Juan Pablo Ibañez. With permission and support from fellow magicians, the trick was perfected and is now available for others to learn and enjoy. Download the material now and start mastering this impressive bill switch trick!

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    BILL REMIX by Luis Zavaleta video Download

    I called this trick "BILL REMIX" because this is a mixture of things i learned or saw time ago...

    I saw a lot of tricks with bills like "Slow Burn", "Extreme Burn", "Prophet", "Greed", "Fraud", "UV Nightshades", "Juan Hundred switch evolution", "Size does matter", "Cash Flow", "Money money", "Extortion", "Five", "Visibill", "Play money", "Buyer's remorse", "Blind Man's Bill Change", etc.. all that tricks are great and the creators are awesome.

    I think that is very important to us to study and to look all the material because we wanted to create something different trying to be original, but is not possible to be 100% original, because some things was created before us...

    Usually we inspire our work in other magicians and it is fine as a starting point, in my case i felt inspired by Patrick Page's papers to bills, the oldest trick with papers and bills I know and I thought:
    "It's time to create something different with it."

    I was playing around with this trick years ago but this days I was trying different things and finally I have this trick you saw. In the process, many ideas was discarded but probably will be used for another trick. Actually I have another very visual bill switch with just one bill (stay tuned).

    I wanted to give the bills for inspection and I tried a lot of ways but the best way was the palm of the gimmick. After I had this trick made I saw master magician Juan Pablo Ibañez and I discover a very nice trick with bills he created called. "LTA bill switch" I think that is awesome, he can perform the trick without the classic gimmick with the glued bills and at the end he steals the gimmick very smoothly in a very similar way... I talked to him thanks to my master Mr. Daba and Juan Pablo told me that he liked my trick and he gave me the permission to use the final handling. So thanks so much Mr. Daba, Juan Pablo Ibañez , Patrick Page and my magic friends Jhony Jackson, Magician George Iglesias, Mikelex, Manu, Douglas, Bruno Tarnecci, Arteh, my wife Michelle, all the creators of magic, and of course thanks to you!

    Download the material and learn now!

    Idioma: Inglés


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