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DVD 2 - Bootlegs And B-Sides - Sean Fields

For the first time ever on DVD, Sean Fields has assembled

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For the first time ever on DVD, Sean Fields has assembled some serious card magic.

Bootlegs & B-Sides Vol.2 contains Sean's innovative and commercial approaches to classic card plots, such as The Invisible Deck, The Card Prophesy and The 4 Card Production. Dotz, Sean's inspired interpretation of Mike Power's Holey Terror is worth the price of the DVD alone!

With his unique and laid back style, Sean teaches you each effect step by step. Don't expect to have your hand held though; it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of card magic. Newbs, don't waste your time.

Effects include:

A prophesy torn - An innovative approach to the classic Card Prophesy effect.

Dotz - Sean's interpretation of Mike Power's classic Holey Terror plot.

Surreal - A stunning card revelation, that truly looks surreal.

Thoughtwave - A thought of card is found reversed in the deck. No gimmicks, no B.S.

Understrip - Sean's stunningly visual 4 card production.

Running Time Approximately 18min

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