Metamorphosis Pro Refill
    • Metamorphosis Pro Refill

    Metamorphosis Refill

    You're sure to have loved the Metamorphosis Pro version, just like your audience! This Metamorphosis die-cut butterfly refill offers you a unique collection of Victorian-style pieces, straight from the ultimate German die-cutting factory.

    The butterflies are completely authentic and feature images of 19th century butterflies. It's like holding a little piece of history in your hands!

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    We are sure you will love the Metamorphosis Pro version the same way your spectators do.
    With this refill of Metamorphosis butterfly die-cuts you get a special collection of different victorian-style scraps from the last German die-cut manufactury.
    The butterflies are really authentic and show matching images of butterflies of the 19th century.
    Click on the image to see the different butterflies.

    Difficulty: No skill required
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