Fan Belt by Mechanic Industries DOWNLOAD
    • Fan Belt by Mechanic Industries DOWNLOAD

    Fan Belt by Mechanic Industries DOWNLOAD

    Looking for a cool trick to impress your audience? Check out this sequence designed for the Mechanic Deck that allows you to print all the faces from a blank deck! By using some simple techniques, you can show a fully blank deck and then magically reveal that all the cards have been printed. The routine gives a fun reason for the deck to animate, making it more than just a regular deck of cards.

    Fanbelt, brought to you by Jimmy K of Mechanic Industries, is a quick, visual, and impressive opening effect that is sure to wow your audience. It can be combined with other Mechanic Industries effects for a jaw-dropping routine. Just remember, you'll need Mechanic Industries products like The Mechanic Deck or Pro Tool Kit to perform these effects.

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    Fan Belt by Mechanic Industries DOWNLOAD

    In this sequence specifically designed for the Mechanic Deck, you can use the animation to print all the faces from a fully blank deck!

    Using a few familiar techniques, you very fairly show a fully blank deck. You then riffle through the cards showing the animation, with no funny moves you simply turn over the deck to show one card has printed, you then fan the cards to show not only one card but the whole deck has been printed!

    This routine provides a really good reason for the deck to magically animate, as it is in fact not just a deck of cards but a little printer! You can present this in many different ways and we discuss a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

    Fanbelt makes the perfect opening effect, it's quick, direct and extremely visual. It never fails to get awesome reactions, and can be combined with the other Mechanic Industries effects to create a jaw dropping themed routine.

    Brought to you by Jimmy K of Mechanic Industries. Original idea for deck usage by Alex Pandrea.

    Acknowledgments & Credits:
    Alex Pandrea, David Davis, Chad Nelson

    NOTE: Effects discussed in these downloads require Mechanic Industries products (The Mechanic Deck/Pro Tool Kit), which are not included.

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