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We are all influenced by someone we know, maybe a season of magic from guys like David Blaine, Justin Willman or you saw the internet going crazy with viral videos of magicians doing street magic and now you are eager to learn how to perform magic tricks too. When starting in magic, it can be a little overwhelming knowing there is so much content and creators to learn from but you don't know where to start to get learn your card basics and fundamentals from, which is why we have readied this download to help you begin your journey of card magic with us. This download is packed with a total of 50 card moves which includes fundamentals, shuffles, color changes, magic tricks, controls and even a few cardistry moves that you will learn quickly, even if you are just a beginner. All you need is a deck of cards and just a bit of practice to start your journey in card magic without worrying about the need to master a ton of difficult sleight of hand , because we have made things very easy and streamlined this download for people who have just started into magic. So download this and start learning cool card magic and start amazing friends and family in no time Runtime: 124 minutes and 54 seconds List of moves taught on the download. 1. Hindu Shuffle 2. Hindu Control 3. Hindu Force 4. Classic Mentalism Trick - Name Any Thought of Card 5. Overhand Shuffle 6. Overhand Shuffle Control 7. Straddle Grip 8. Riffle Shuffle 9. Riffle Shuffle Card Control 10. Pinky Break 11. Swing Cut 12. Undercut Card Control 13. Thumb Break 14. Double Lift - Dribble Method 15. Double Lift - Riffle Method 16. Dealers Grip / Mechanics Grip 17. Standard Double Lift 18. Push Off Break 19. Pushoff Double Lift 20. Marlo's Tilt Move 21. Rising Card 22. Classic Plam 23. Palm Color Change 24. Double Spin Convincer 25. Tenkai Palm 26. 4 Aces Trick 27. Vernon False Cut 28. Twirl Change 29. One Handed Table Fan 30. One Handed Card Shoot 31. Erdnase Color Change 32. Ribbon Spread 33. Ribbon Spread Wave 34. Rainbow Ribbon Spread 35. Snap Change 36. Popcake Cardistry Control 37. Palm Switch 38. One Handed Charier Cut 39. One Handed Revolution Cut 40. 4 Ace Pop Production 41. Thumb Switch 42. DB Card Truimph 43. Sandwich Trick 44. Impossible Card Locator 45. Rub A Dub Vanish 46. Card To Pocket 47. Card Transposition 48. Palm Beach Change 49. Paint Brush Change 50. Mexican Turnover Switch

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