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Aces - Mickael Chatelain
  • Aces - Mickael Chatelain

Aces - Mickael Chatelain

ACES is a magic trick by Mickael Chatelain that allows you to perform 6 close-up magic routines with a single gimmick. This high quality gimmick allows you to transform one card into another without manipulation, thread or flap. But that's not all, with ACES you can create your own magic effects, it's so easy you'll be performing magic in minutes!

Some key points.

Some key points about ACES are that it requires no manipulation, it's a professional gimmick made in Bicycle, there's nothing to see up close, it resets immediately and comes with 6 tricks included. ACES comes 100% complete and ready to use, there's nothing to fabricate, just watch the how-to video and you'll be ready to impress!

All you need to do is watch the how-to video.

Colour: Blue
Tax included

Today he offers you not 1, nor 2, nor 3 but 6 effects with 1 single gimmick!!

Transposition, disappearance, ambitious card and many others, you won’t believe it!

Discover his new trick « ACES » without further delay!

What is ACES?
It’s a professional quality gimmick and specially made to allow you to perform no less than 6 close-up routines but there is no doubt that you will find other ideas!
Made for professional and intensive use « ACES » will definitely find a place of choice in your close-up!
In your hands, in front of your spectators, a card seems to gradually change into another card, there is no flap, no thread, and above all no manipulation.

ACES doesn’t stop there!
Imagine your own effects once you have the gimmick in hand.
In the explanation video, Mickael explains no less than 6 effects that can be achieved immediately with the ACES gimmick.
Be among the first to own this new trick, better than a long description, click on the link below to watch the video demonstration and tell yourself that you too will do it in just a few minutes!

Remember the following strong points :
✔ No manipulation
✔ Professional gimmick
✔ Made in Bicycle
✔ Nothing to see even up close
✔ Immediate reset
✔ 6 effects included

Aces come 100% complete - ready to run!
Nothing to craft, Aces can be presented immediately after watching the explanations video!

Dificulty: Beginner
Online instructions


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