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Parlour Collectors 2.0 by JT

Three chosen cards disappear from the deck to appear among the 4 Aces that have been inside a glass in full view from the beginning. Very easy to perform. Requires no difficult sleight of hand. Designed for both parlor and close-up magic situations.

Works for 3 people as well as for over 100. The routine is very clean and direct - it looks like real ma

Colour: Blue
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Parlour Collector 2.0 created by JT is the ultimate version of the classic 'Collectors' plot.

4 Aces are displayed on both sides and put inside a wine glass. 3 cards are chosen, vanish in the deck and reappear between the 4 Aces. The effect is just as described.
✔ Very easy to perform. Doesn't require any difficult sleight of hand. Even the beginners can do it immediately.
✔ Designed for both parlour and close up situations. Parlour Collectors 2.0 plays for 3 people to 100+ people.
✔ The routine is so clean and direct. Looks like real magic!

2.0 Version Advantages
✔ After the 3 chosen cards vanished, the spread can be displayed on both sides. The vanishing method is innovative.
✔ Only a few gimmick cards, most cards of the deck are ordinary, super easy to handle. The remainder of the deck can be used for other effects.

"Bravo my friend JT! JT's handling of the collectors effect is the most beautiful, most direct, most impossible version I have ever seen. Just as important, the amazing method JT has created will make it possible for almost anyone to create this incredible effect exactly as it looks in the demonstration."
- Michael Ammar

"I feel if I could learn the Parlour Collector, it would elevate my card magic! JT comes up with the strongest magic effect!"
- Rocco Silano

Difficulty: Beginner
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