Ultra Cervon Vol. 2 - Bruce Cervon video DOWNLOAD
    • Ultra Cervon Vol. 2 - Bruce Cervon video DOWNLOAD

    Ultra Cervon Vol. 2 - Bruce Cervon video DOWNLOAD

    Bruce Cervon, a highly successful magician, shares his exclusive routines and techniques in this two-part download series. He performs at top social events and luxury venues, earning top fees. Volume two covers six prized routines, including The Joker Trick, Floating Aces, and Cervon's All Backs routine.

    Designed to leave a lasting impression on any audience, Cervon's material is taught in great detail with tips and touches from his extensive experience. This 90-minute video is a must-have for magicians looking to elevate their performances to the next level.

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    Ultra Cervon Vol. 2 - Bruce Cervon video DOWNLOAD

    Professional Material For The Working Magician

    Bruce Cervon is one of the finest and most successful professional magicians in America. He makes an excellent living by entertaining at exclusive social parties and the world's most luxurious hospitality suites. On these exceptional downloads, Bruce teaches you in explicit detail the routines he's held back for years-the magic he performs regularly in a variety of working situations, earning him some of the highest fees paid to magicians today.

    Here is volume two of a two part download series on the excellent magic of Bruce Cervon. In this download, Bruce teaches six of his prized routines and includes a multitude of techniques.

    Contents include:
    • The Joker Trick & Four Dollar Confusion
      (four cards change to Jokers, then to Aces, and then turn face down)
    • Floating Aces
      (aces move with a life of their own)
    • Silent Flight
      (great Ring Flight routine)
    • Cervon Cut and Restored Rope Routine
    • Cervon's All Backs routine
    • Repeat Aces to Pocket

    Cervon's material is designed to make an unforgettable impression on any audience including magicians. This video teaches it all in great detail, including the tips and touches that come only with extensive experience.

    Running Time Approximately 90min

    Idioma: Inglés