Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G
    • Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G
    • Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G
    • Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G
    • Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G
    • Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G
    • Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G

    Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G

    Do you like magic and Rubik's cubes? Then you'll love Cubeify! This miracle cube not only lets you solve a puzzle, but it also lets you unlock a world of words. Imagine a Rubik's cube, but instead of colors, you're maneuvering letters - yes, letters! And not only that, with Cubeify you can combine the magic of cubes with music, creating a unique experience that transcends borders.

    With Cubeify you can select an artist or music, reveal their artist, predict their song and magically solve the cube. All of this is taught in an easy to follow 2.5 hour tutorial. Cubeify allows you to compose your own magical music mix. And best of all... it only takes 4 moves!

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    Cubeify - Paul Fowler y Kev G

    "I love a surprise reveal, and I also love totally out of the box thinking. This is both of those elements, on steroids!"

    "Fantastic routine, amazing reveals, builds progressively. Highly recommended!"

    "So well thought-out! My mind is buzzing with ideas, I can't wait to perform this"

    "An amazing commercial idea for a fun and visual reveal that nobody will see coming."

    "This is the most interesting combination I have seen in cube magic."

    "What a fun idea! This escalates the effect beyond just the Rubik's Cube."

    "I love it! Ryland is gonna lose his sh*t over this. Well, done, very epic."

    Reveal, predict, solve! The ultimate cube for multiple revelations.

    Grab any standard 3x3 cube and combine it with Cubeify's easy-to-use utility lettering system, and what you have is:

    • A cube miracle that connects with your audience
    • Multiple phases of hard-hitting cube magic
    • Something unique that's super easy to do!

    You've heard of the iconic Rubik's Cube, right? Well, imagine that, but with a twist that will truly blow your audience's minds. Picture this: instead of just colors, you're maneuvering letters. That's right, letters!

    Forget about the traditional puzzle, because with Cubeify, the possibilities are endless. With every twist and turn, you're not just solving a puzzle, you're unlocking a world of words that everyone can connect with.

    Combine that with the universal language of music that brings people together, you're tapping into a realm where melodies transcend boundaries and songs become the soundtrack of people's lives.

    Cubeify allows you to write your own music in the form of cube magic!

    What can you do with Cubeify?

    Have an artist/music track selected (various methods taught) and then:

    Phase 1:
    Reveal their artist

    Phase 2:
    Reveal or predict their song

    Phase 3:
    Magically solve the cube

    Everything is taught in full detail over an extensive easy-to-follow 2.5-hour tutorial, meaning you will be fully ready to set up your existing cube with the Cubeify system, learn it, and perform it straight away.

    Cubeify offers you a unique experience reminiscent of being in a recording studio with a blank track. While the project provides various routines and discussions, Cubeify lets you compose your own magic music mashup.

    And the best part...

    It only takes 4 moves!

    Includes: letter stickers, custom cube box, full instructions.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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