Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty TiendaMagia - 1
    • Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty TiendaMagia - 1

    Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty

    This is a Scratch ticket effect by Craig Petty, where the magician presents a Scratch ticket with one winning and three losing boxes. The audience gets to scratch three boxes and if they reveal the winning box, they keep the $20. Although they have freedom of choice, the magician can always influence the final box to be the one he chose as the winner.

    With Lucky Lotto, you receive printed scratch tickets for ten performances and a detailed tutorial with two different routines. It's easy to perform and adaptable to any style of performance.

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    Your new everyday carry is a Bank Night routine that lives in your wallet. All you need is a scratch card that you can use to perfectly predict the winning square, and your audience will be giving you a round of applause all night. From the working repertoire of one of the hardest-working performers in the UK, this is the scratch card effect that is a winner every time. This is Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty.

    Here’s what happens:

    The performer introduces a scratch-off lottery ticket and twenty bucks, along with a bet. One of the squares on the scratch ticket is a winner, and the other three squares are losers. The audience can freely choose to scratch three spaces from any of the squares, and if they reveal the winning square, they get to keep the $20. Despite them having a genuinely free choice, you are always able to influence them so that the final square is the one you choose as the winner. You can even leave them with the lottery ticket as a souvenir.

    When you purchase Lucky Lotto, you receive specially printed scratch-off lottery tickets (enough for ten performances) that you can use straight away, as well as a detailed tutorial by Craig Petty featuring two different routines using the specially printed tickets that you will love to perform as a part of your everyday carry. The routines are easy to perform, and let you come up as a winner every time. Lucky Lotto is easy to perform and can be adapted to suit any performance style. Every performance is a winner when you perform Lucky Lotto by Craig Petty.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions

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