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Shocking Pass Case - Tenyo
  • Shocking Pass Case - Tenyo

Shocking Pass Case - Tenyo

Give your everyday life a magical touch with this card holder! Just insert a sheet of white paper, tap it and voila, it transforms into a real ticket. Need a train ticket or a credit card? This card holder makes it possible!

Although it looks like an everyday object, this card holder is a magical accessory in disguise. Not only does it look natural and organic, but it allows you to perform amazing tricks.

Let your imagination run wild and amaze everyone with your magic!!!

What's more, you'll be able to perform amazing tricks!

Tax included Available and ready to ship.

An instantaneous transformation!

Insert a sheet of folded white paper into the passcase pocket, snap the case with your fingers, and instantly transform the paper into genuine currency!

The uses for this passcase are plentiful – make a train ticket appear in the empty pocket, transform cash into a real credit card, or… whatever you can imagine!

A passcase does not feel like a magic prop, but rather an everyday carry item many people possess. It appears to be a natural, organic object with which you can perform eye-popping magic!

Difficulty:No skill required
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