Harry Allen Comedy Bits and- 1 video DOWNLOAD
    • Harry Allen Comedy Bits and- 1 video DOWNLOAD

    Harry Allen Comedy Bits and- 1 video DOWNLOAD

    In Comedy Bits & Magic Routines 1-2, Harry Allen showcases his skills as a magician and comedian with a variety of entertaining tricks and routines. With over 30 years of experience, Allen has become a popular figure in the magic world, known for his best-selling comedy books and original magic effects. His performances and lectures have been well-received by magicians worldwide. The tricks featured in this collection include the visually stunning Sawing a Woman in Half, the impressive Matrix coin and card trick, and the comical Joker Message routine. Allen's unique blend of comedy and magic is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.
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    Harry Allen Comedy Bits and- #1 video DOWNLOAD

    Comedy Bits & Magic Routines 1-2 with Harry Allen
    For over 30 years, Harry Allen has been one of America's most popular magicians, comedians and magic dealers. His comedy books have been best sellers, his original magic effects have been published and marketed all over the world, and his lectures have been received enthusiastically by magicians everywhere.

    Sawing a Woman in Half - The hottest Four Ace trick you've ever seen. A freely selected card appears in a most visual way.

    Matrix - Four coins assemble themselves under one card under impossible conditions. This is a real nice mix of coin and card magic. Blanco - Blank faced cards one at a time change into normal playing cards. Rare Coin Penetration - A ping-pong ball, coin, and silk are put into a clear glass tumbler, showing it to be solid. The silk and coin penetrate the bottom of the glass at the same time. Melting Mirror - A beautiful solid mirror enables a silk to penetrate from the front to the back while showing the mirror to be solid. Spoon Spinner - Two spoons attach themselves to each other. The bottom spoon rotates right in front of your eyes. Both spoons can then be handed out as they turn back to normal spoons. Joker Message - A selected card comically vanishes from the deck and reappears in the card box, which has been in plain view the whole time China Change - If you blink, you will miss it! A half dollar changes into a Chinese coin in the blink of an eye. Money Cups - A Three-Card Monte done with money and cups and an unbelievable surprise ending. R/B Coin Deck - Scotch & Soda - If there was ever a classic in magic, this is it! DHQ - A magnificent prediction with coins that you can do anywhere at any time. $1.35 Trick - Four coins totaling $1.35 visually turn into one coin, Both your hands are shown empty. The three coins that vanished reappear elsewhere. Flash Coins - Two coins transpose from under one playing card to the other faster than a walking cow! 2 Copper / 1 Silver - Two copper coins change places with one silver coin-not once, but three times! Day at the Circus - A very funny stand-up routine. Get the audience to do things you never imagined. The North and the South - Clear water changes into a volcano of snow right in front of your eyes-the real definition of a metamorphosis!

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