Holewitch by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD
    • Holewitch by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD

    Holewitch by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick will have your spectators talking! With Holewitch, you can have two "holed cards" sandwich a signed card that your spectator has chosen and lost in the deck

    It's easy to do - just show the "holed cards" and shake, and the signed card magically appears in between! It's so incredible, you'll have to see it to believe it

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    Imagine having two 'holed cards' that can do an incredible sandwich. A signed card from your spectator is lost in the deck. You show the 'holed cards' to your spectator and with just a shake, the signed card has magically appeared between the 'holed cards.'

    This is Holewitch. Download the video TODAY.

    Note: (Additional supplies may need to be purchased to perform this effect)