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    • Downloads Moving Torn by Agustin video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    Moving Torn by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    Imagine showing a torn playing card to your audience, leading them to expect a classic Torn & Restore effect. But then, with a simple shake, you visually move the torn pieces to another corner, surprising everyone with a unique twist. It's like a trick photography come to life, and you can even hand out the card as a souvenir. Perfect for those looking for a quick visual effect that's easy to perform and sure to grab people's attention.

    This effect is designed for anyone wanting to add a bit of magic to their routine, whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out. Download now to amaze your audience with this simple yet impressive trick that will leave them wondering how you did it.

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    Moving Torn by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    You show to the spectator a single torn playing card.

    Maybe they will think that you're gonna perform Torn & Restore effect, but you show them something different.

    With a gentle shake you make the torn visually move to another corner.

    It's look like a trick photography until you hand out that card as a souvenir.

    This is an effect designed for those of you who want to play a quick visual effect anywhere.

    Easy to do and easy to get people's attention.

    Download now!

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