Timeless by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Timeless by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    Timeless by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD

    A new method has been developed that allows anyone to stop time using any spectator's watch. The magician can ask a spectator to lend their personal quartz watch and then proceed to demonstrate their ability to stop time. By simply shaking the watch, the second hand will freeze in place right before the spectator's eyes. The magician can then hand the watch back to the spectator, and the second hand will magically start moving again. This impressive mentalism effect can be performed at any time and requires no preparation. It is a simple yet powerful trick that will leave audiences amazed.

    This groundbreaking method, known as Timeless, offers a unique and impromptu way to create a mesmerizing experience for spectators.

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    A new method to stop the time at any time, anywhere and with any spectator watch.
    Imagine asking a spectator her personal quartz watch, and tell him that you are able to stop time.
    Shake the watch and the second hand will stop under his eyes.
    Then you will put into his hands the watch and the second hand will move again.

    A real mentalism effect 100% impromptu.
    Easy to do!

    Guys, this is Timeless...