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Blendo Fish - Josemari
  • Blendo Fish - Josemari
  • Blendo Fish - Josemari

Blendo Fish - Josemari

The Blendo of the Fish is an educational toy based on the story "Swimming" by Leo Leoni. It is perfect for children who are learning to read and want to learn about values such as cooperation and leadership. The story follows a black fish who escapes from a tuna and discovers an underwater world full of adventures.

The set includes a blendo bag, 50-60 colorful felt fish and some little black fish representing Nadarin. During the story, children can interact by placing the little fish in the bag. It's fun and learning in one!

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El Blendo Fish is a great tool to use in schools, libraries and children's groups in general. It is magic related to reading, reading animation, for infants and the first cycle of primary school, I use the story Nadarín. Nadarín is a story by Leo Leoni. It is a classic story by Leo Leoni that talks about cooperation, leadership and has powerful and educational values for children.

The story
In a lost corner of the sea there lived a bank of little fishes that were all red. Only one of them was black, like the shell of a mussel. He swam faster than his red brothers and was called Nadarin. One day a fierce and hungry tuna appeared in the water and passed in front of them with its mouth wide open and ate them all. Only Nadarin, who was the fastest, managed to escape.
Nadarin fled into the depths very, very sad and very scared. But he soon became happy because he saw wonderful things. For example, he saw jellyfish that looked like gummies. He also saw a lobster that was walking around and seemed to be playing castanets. He saw fish from the deep that seemed hypnotized and hung on an invisible thread. He also saw beautifully colored algae and an eel so long that he almost forgot it had a tail. He also saw anemones that became tiny when he touched them. And finally he found, hidden behind the seaweed, a bunch of little red fish like his friends and Nadarin said hey let's swim, come to see things but they told him that a big fish would eat us. Nadarin told them "you are not going to stay hidden all your lives, we have to think of something". So he came up with a brilliant idea.
Nadarin thought and thought and said, "I've got it! We'll swim close together as if we were the biggest fish in the sea. So he started telling everyone, you stay here, you stay there, and they started to form a giant fish.
And when they were all in the shape of a fish, Nadarin, who was black, said, I will be the eye. So from that day on they could all swim and the bigger fish ran away because they thought it was a giant fish. And that was the end of the story.

Blendo Phase
In the last phase of the story, when Nadarín has the idea that they are going to make a giant fish, you pass the blendo bag and the children place each little fish inside. Once all the fish have been collected, you say, the fish are placed in the shape of a giant fish and Nadarín.... And then you take out your black fish and you say, I'll be the eye you put it inside and from that moment on the fish made a giant fish and they could walk around without any problem because they were the biggest fish in the ocean and the other big fish were afraid of them.
You can use the included red plush fishies for each child in attendance or, in the case of schools, have each child color and put their name on their paper fishie.

What's Included
You receive a soft bag, an envelope with 50 or 60 felt goldfish and a few little black fish that symbolize Nadarin.

Difficulty: Beginner
Online instructions in spanish

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