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Bookworm - Cliff and Josemari
  • Bookworm - Cliff and Josemari
  • Bookworm - Cliff and Josemari
  • Bookworm - Cliff and Josemari

Bookworm - Cliff and Josemari

Check out this card game with pictures of books called "The game of the five colored books"! But, watch out for the worm that eats the books! Although originally played with five books, it's also fun with four, three, two or even one.

Ready for a little magic? Despite a few hiccups with the naughty worm, this game is still exciting. But, oh no! It seems the trick can't be done with any books. Time for a new magic game!

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This is a classic of card magic applied to children, it is the game of the five colored books!
The magician counts the five cards with books drawn on their faces. When the cards are counted, the fifth book is missing and, in its place, a worm appears.
The magician quickly moves it away from the other books, lest it eat them!
He counts again and, again, the fourth book is gone and another mischievous worm appears in its place.
The sequence continues until there is no book left. And the magician has no choice but to abandon the game of the five colored books and move on to another magic trick. 

✔ Includes all the cards needed to perform the effect.
✔ Card size: 21 x 15 cm

Difficulty: Beginner
Online instructions in spanish

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