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Replica Morgan Hopping Half - Tango Magic
  • Replica Morgan Hopping Half - Tango Magic

Hopping Half - Replica Morgan - Tango Magic

The "Hopping Half" is a versatile coin set that combines the elegance of Copper Morgan Coins and the finesse of Morgan Dollar non-silver Replicas. This set is a must-have for any coin enthusiast looking to step up their coin game. The Hopping Half is known for its ease of use, requiring minimal sleight of hand and no palming. Tango Magic, a renowned name in coin magic, has created this unique and elegant line of Copper Morgan Dollar coins, ensuring every detail is perfect. Their dedication to their craft has earned them the FISM 2012 International invention award, further solidifying their commitment to providing the highest quality products.

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Replica Morgan Hopping Half - Tango Magic

Imagine all the versatility the "Hopping Half" provides combined with the elegance and finesse of the Copper Morgan Coins and the Morgan Dollar non silver Replicas. ¡This will definitely step-up your coin game!

Hopping Half is maybe the best seller set of gimmicked coins. So easy to perform, no palming and minimal sleight of hands required.

Tango Magic has always been a high-end, excellence synonym when it comes to Coin magic. We know every detail counts and makes a world of difference for you and your audience. That's why we decided to launch this new "Copper Morgan Dollar" line which is unique and elegant. The finesse of the raw product together with our love and dedication to work with coins have led us to the masterpiece we believe the end result is.

This passion and commitment to our art led us, by the hand of Mr. Tango, to win the FISM 2012 International invention award. This reinforced our beliefs and mission along with our quality standards day after day in order for you to get the highest quality available on your hands!

In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic. Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind their products to guarantee your success.

As a bonus to thank you for your purchase, Tango has included in this package Tangopedia, a seven-hour instructional online video. This includes basic instructions for more than 70 gimmick coin routines using a variety of our specialty coins such as Expanded Shell-Coins, Copper/Silver/Brass, Scotch and Soda, Pen Through Coin, Folding Coins, Okito Boxes, and more. Here you will learn the basics of using your new Tango Magic products as well as gaining insight into the amazing of possibilities the Tango line of coins provides.

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