Downloads The Great Escape by Ferran Rizo video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1
    • Downloads The Great Escape by Ferran Rizo video DOWNLOAD MMSMEDIA - 1

    The Great Escape by Ferran Rizo video DOWNLOAD

    Experience the amazing effect of Larry Jennings' Mystery Card, but with coins instead. This miracle unfolds right in the spectator's hand. Show two silver dollars, a marked penny, and an empty Okito Box. Place the penny between the silver dollars, then have the spectator hold the coins in their hand. After a magical moment, the penny disappears, only to reappear inside the Okito Box.

    And the best part? You can perform this trick without the Okito Box, simply by placing the penny in your pocket. The spectator can even remove it themselves to reveal the signed penny. Perfect for serious magic students, this routine includes all the necessary details. Download the video now and start learning this incredible trick!

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    The Great Escape by Ferran Rizo video DOWNLOAD

    This fantastic effect is a version of Larry Jennings' Mystery Card done with coins a truly miracle as the magic happens on spectator hand. You show two silver dollar. Then a penny that is marked to verify its identity. Also, an empty Okito Box. The penny is placed between the silver dollars. One by one the coins are place on the hand of a spectator and the hand closed. Then the Okito Box is one more time show empty and closed. After a magical movement the spectator open the hand showing that there is only left two dollar and no trace of the penny. When spectator open the Okito Box the coin is inside

    You will be able to perform the effect without an Okito Box, just simply placing the penny on the pocket. The spectator can remove from it, showing that inside there is nothing more than the signed penny

    Magic for the serious student. You will learn all the routine details

    Download the video and learn now!

    Idioma: Inglés


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