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Magic Tricks Telepatik TiendaMagia - 1
  • Magic Tricks Telepatik TiendaMagia - 1


This is a classic effect where the magician divine the color of the hidden rod inside the solid metal tube. This is made in bright metal colors and a pocket size version that is easy to carry around.

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The magician shows a small brass tube and four aluminum cylinders each of a different color. While his back is turned, a spectator chooses one of the cylinders, puts it inside the tube and screws the tube’s cap on. When the magician turns around he is immediately able to divine the color of the cylinder hidden in the sealed tube!

✔ Everything can be examined and the choice of the spectator is free.
✔ The closed tube is 6 cm (2,4”) tall and has a diameter of about 1cm (0,4”).

Difficulty: Beginner
Instructions in paper


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By on  30 Oct. 2022 (Telepatik) :

Facil y divertido

Juego facil de realizar y de buen impacto para el espectador.
Muy recomendable