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Parlor Magic Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana TiendaMagia - 1
  • Parlor Magic Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana TiendaMagia - 1
  • Parlor Magic Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana TiendaMagia - 2
  • Parlor Magic Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana TiendaMagia - 3
  • Parlor Magic Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana TiendaMagia - 4
  • Parlor Magic Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana TiendaMagia - 5

Gaps Pour by Gonzalo Albiñana

This practical, durable and versatile gimmick opens up new doors for the "Salt Pour." It's super easy to use and allows you to perform the salt pour practically anywhere, under any conditions. So, even if you've performed the "Salt Pour" before, you'll love all the fun new handlings and opportunities this totally new design offers. "Gaps Pour" is perfect for everyone from beginner magicians to professional magicians

Tax included Available and ready to ship.

Kaps' salt, Benson's salt, Vernon's salt... come on, the infinite salt pour is one of the masterpieces of magic.

But somehow, almost nobody does it. It's normal, finding the materials, discovering the right salt... everything involved in going from the text to the actual effect is usually a nuisance and an insurmountable barrier. Moreover, those who actually present it avoid sharing their secrets.

Gonzalo Albinana, completely abandoning this tradition has decided to share with you not only the special salt he uses, all the cheating elements and his personal gimmick, with a new design never before proposed in other models, and with a complete study of more than 10 years on "The Traveling Salt" or "Infinite Salt" , or "Salt Pour", popularized by Fred Kaps. You get everything you need and detailed instructions so you can start practicing it right away.

Finally you will be able to introduce in your repertoire a unique, new (after so long!) and fun effect, with new handlings, unlimited and different options, totally new design, created with both the beginner and the pro magician in mind.

This is a really versatile, customizable and durable gimmick that opens new options never imaginable before, practical and easy to use (everywhere and anytime, under all kind of conditions)

This gimmick comes from a work of love to the endless Salt Pour.

This is a total, easy and secure control of the flow of salt, that can last as long as you want, and not limited to the prop provided.

This is a gimmick that will fit in any hand (finally!) and allows proper handling at any kind of situation and productions.

This is a versatile, secure and independent method, with nothing to prepare on your body or clothes, and no angles, no breakable parts, replacement or refills.

This is a gimmick that is still allowing new ideas and approaches since its first release to the magic community in 2019.

This is GAPS POUR.

✔ Perform anytime, anywhere
✔ Total control over the salt flow
✔ Nothing to prepare on your body or clothes
✔ No severe angle restrictions
✔ Nothing fragile on the gimmick itself can break or needs to be replaced

Difficulty: Beginner Online instructions in english


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