Hippity Hop Rabbits
    • Hippity Hop Rabbits

    Hippity Hop Rabbits

    A classic wonderful routine for kids where two rabbits change positions mágically to finally change color altogether!

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    The magician shows two wooden rabbits, one white and the other black. He then shows two empty wooden tubes. The white rabbit is covered with the tube with a white top hat painted on it, and the black rabbit with the tube with a black top hat painted on it. The magician then announces that he will make the rabbits change places… but to everybody it is obvious that they are just being turned around because they are white on one side a black on the other. After a bit of fun and by-play, and just when the working of the trick seems obvious, the magician admits that the rabbits have a different color on the other side, but then shows that one is RED on the other side, and the other is YELLOW!

    So funny!

    The two wooden tubes misure 30 cm.

    Difficulty: Beginner
    Online instructions in english

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