Paint the Roses Red by Lewis Leval video DOWNLOAD
    • Paint the Roses Red by Lewis Leval video DOWNLOAD

    Paint the Roses Red by Lewis Leval video DOWNLOAD

    Lewis Lé Val's debut video, "Paint the Roses Red," offers a collection of easy-to-do yet powerful effects that will amaze your audience. From knowing the exact order of cards to divining hidden coins, the tricks taught in this video are sure to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, the roundtable discussion with Dee Christopher provides valuable insights on enhancing your performances with subtleties and techniques.

    With tricks like "Binary" and "Off with his Head," you'll be able to amaze your audience with mind-blowing predictions and card control. The included PDF files further expand on the effects taught, offering additional tips and tricks to take your magic to the next level.

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    Paint the Roses Red by Lewis Leval video DOWNLOAD

    "Some of the most refreshing deceptions I've seen in years, fascinating effects from a fascinating character"
    - Daniel Madison

    Paint the Roses Red is the début video from the UK's Lewis Lé Val.

    In this video, you will learn a collection of LLV's working effects that are easy to do and insanely powerful. If that wasn't enough, you also have access to a 45 minute roundtable discussion between LLV and Dee Christopher on subtleties and techniques that you can add into your own performances to make them more powerful and effective.

    Harmony - Despite the spectator giving a deck of cards two thorough shuffles beforehand, the performer is able to know the exact order of cards in a chosen suit.

    Curiosity - The spectator secretly conceals their own coins at various locations on their body (left pocket, right pocket and one in their closed fist). The performer is able to divine the location of every coin. As a finale, the date on the third coin is also revealed under seemingly impossible conditions.

    Binary - The spectator finds their selected card using an unknown prediction card from another deck. The prediction is then revealed to bear the same value as the original selection and to have even predicted its numerical position in the deck.

    Off with his Head - During an entertaining exposé of card cheating techniques, the performer finds a royal flush in a deck of cards previously shuffled by the spectator.

    Hack - A number force using a spectator's borrowed phone.

    Caterpillar Control - A flashy card control paying credit to Chris Brown's Venus Trap.

    Wardrobe Change - Instantly make a card change by popping your T-shirt!

    As well as all of the material taught and the roundtable discussion, we've also included 4 PDF files on the disc to expand on some of the effects and subtleties taught; You will learn to tell instantly whether your spectator is left or right handed, how to sense when a phone is about to ring and how to create false memories with a little known visualization technique.

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