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DVD - Parallels by Think

"Think Nguyen has

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"Think Nguyen has some of the coolest card magic I've ever seen!" - DYNAMO

Think is a professional close up magician from Belgium, who specializes in card magic. Humble and quite reserved, he has only shared his magic with a select few people until now. He has contributed effects for magazines such as Arcana (Korea) and Vanish (USA), to name a few, whereby his creations have been well received by the magic community.

Think's well-guarded secrets have continued to generate interest within the underground magic scene. His ideas and effects have allowed him to travel the world, sharing his unique style and presentations over many conventions and lectures.

In this DVD, Think has handpicked some of his favorite routines and sleights. There is something for everyone, from beginner to advanced card magic. His handling is elegant and subtle; the effects are mesmerizing and baffling. Magicians often describe his magic as if the cards are coming to life in his hands.

With extraordinary card magic that will baffle and entertain any audience, Parallels is sure to set the standard for the future of card magic for years to come, and is just the tip of the iceberg from this rising star.




"Think Nguyen card magic looks like wizardry -- I have no clue how he does these miracles. In the old days, he'd be burnt at the stake. Breathtaking and beautiful." - Kieron Johnson

"Think is bringing some fresh ideas and beautiful visuals to card magic. I've seen at least 5 things I want to add to my repertoire! This kid's going places." - Daniel Chard

"Cards in Think's hands have a life on their own. When they move out, they go studying." - Tobias Dostal

"Think does clever, elegant, highly refined card magic. His creations are a joy to watch!" - Alex Hansford













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